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When Financing Business Equipment Should You Lease, Borrow, Use Credit Or Pay Cash?

Does your startup or existing business need to purchase new equipment?

Not sure whether you should finance or just pay cash?

If you don’t quite know the difference between a lease and a loan or you don’t really understand the tax benefits associated with funding business equipment don’t worry because you’re not alone.

You can spend countless number of hours on the web searching for companies that offer financing but first you should determine which purchase option works best for you.

Whether you’re financing office equipment, financing business supplies, or financing business equipment there are certain benefits and strategies associated with each type of option.

So in order for you to get a much better perspective on how you should purchase your company’s business equipment let’s compare the difference between leasing, getting a loan, using credit, or paying cash.

Equipment Leasing:

*Interest rates are fixed

*Fast approval is usually within days

*Down payment is low typically only 1 or 2 payments upfront

*Leases under $150k usually do not require financials

*Lease payments are 100% tax deductible when you show it as an operating expense

*Equipment does not become obsolete because you don’t own it

Getting a Loan:

*Interest rates can fluctuate which can become costly

*Approval can take weeks

*Down payment of 10-20% of the total amount is typical using up your company’s cash

*Financial statements are required

*Depreciation can be taken over the useful life of the equipment

*May need to purchase new equipment in the future as existing equipment becomes obsolete

Using Credit:

*Interest rates are variable and sometimes fixed

*Approval can take weeks

*Requires 10-20% down on the total purchase amount

*Financial statements are required

*Can use depreciation over the useful life of the equipment

*You own the equipment so it can become obsolete in time

Pay by Cash:

*No interest

*Instant purchase with no approval period

*Requires 100% of equipment purchase amount using your company’s cash reserves

*No financials required

*Depreciation can be used

*You own the equipment outright which can become obsolete in time

So if you prefer to conserve your company’s cash some of the most popular equipment you can finance includes computers, office equipment and furniture, heavy machinery, dry cleaning equipment, medical equipment, printing presses, fleet vehicles, and restaurant equipment.

Did you know that over 80% of businesses in the U.S. lease at least one of their equipment acquisitions?

Leasing has become the preferred method for funding business equipment because you can conserve your cash, realize greater tax savings and avoid the risk of your equipment becoming obsolete.

So whether you decide to purchase or finance your next piece of business equipment use this post as a resource to help you in selecting the right financial strategy for your company.

Finding the Right Financial Job

Finding a new finance job is one thing, finding the right one, is however a completely different matter. So what ‘really’ makes the difference? There are many things that make a difference, some of which we have no control. There are however a number of mind sets that will genuinely help you find your next job in London’s financial sector.

Whilst it is really important to not only post your CV onto a wide scope of job boards (some generalist, most specific) and also apply for a high volume of “relevant”, advertised jobs. Job seekers must also consider how a job board works and more importantly, how a recruiter uses a job board to find candidates for their advertised and non advertised roles.

That’s right, many jobs, particularly higher level positions never see the light of day on any job board as recruiters prefer to seek out the right candidate through a CV data base such as the one featured on Financial Jobs in London.

To some this may seem somewhat obvious but consider that when a recruiter searches a CV database they narrow down their search and target candidates by using key words relevant to the job they are trying to fill. For example:

Example of a job title: Senior Hedge Fund Accountant

Skill/qualification: CIMA, ACCA, Masters Degree for example
Key word: “trading”, “banking”, “FX”, “marketing” for example
Key phrase: “Hedge Fund”, “Accounting”, “Oxford University” for example

The above are just some quick examples of the types of entries recruiters might use to search for an appropriate candidate on a job boards CV database.

We advice that when writing your CV make sure the content is mainly key word rich for your area of expertise. Think of the most valuable descriptive words and phrases that best describe what you’ve done and what you can do. You might also want to include key words based on the area you are trying to enter.

However, do be careful of this, as over use will result in miss matched CVs and recruiters will not appreciate it! Only do this if your past expertise are, in some way linked. You might for example include key words and phrases describing your past work experience such as FX trading and then include keywords and phrases based on your new targeted sector such as FX analyst or Equity trading, included in your introduction for example.

Once you have uploaded your CV make the most of all the resources that job boards provide, you never know what you might learn! Even if you are the most seasoned professional in trading or investment banking, times might have changed so for as recruitment trends and techniques are concerned so log on and learn!

Never leave your account unchecked for too long as it is really important to keep your CV current, your applications fresh and precise. Keeping a keen eye on the financial job market will also help keep your mind fresh, ready for interview and ready to start your new job!

How Can You Find The Best Online Slots

Online slot is the favorite of most of the casino players. With so many casinos available online it becomes difficult for people to decide which casino is best. Making a poor decision may result a person in a poor gaming experience. Check out the following things in order to avoid potential problems with the rogue casinos. The online casino should offer a wide range of slot games to the players such as 3 reel, 5 reel games, video slots with several bonus rounds, free spins, attractive bonuses and progressive jackpot slots. Second thing is the casino should offer a range of withdrawal and deposit options. It should make the ways straight forward for making the players deposit and withdraw the money easily. The third thing you should look for in an online casino is it should offer 24 hours on all day customer support. Casinos offering more than single way of contact such as email, live chat, fax and toll free phone are considered as the best casinos.

If a casino is licensed from a regulated gambling licensing authority, it will be given higher ranking. So, check if the casino is properly licensed. Next thing is the casinos should be run by a trusted software solution. Some of the trusted software solution providers are microgaming, realtime gaming, playtech, net entertainment and cryptologic. Before you choose an online casino to play the slots game you should browse the web to know about it. You can play Online Slots at GoWild Casino – Start winning now. Casino lovers can find a variety of slot games available at this single website. They can have options in fruit slots, Vegas slots, classic slots and video slots. They can also choose mobile casinos to enjoy playing slots using their Smartphone. Players can have a great chance of winning jackpots.

Getting Lower Mortgage Rates

Nobody likes to deal with loans or mortgages, because of one common factor: the interest rates. The interest rates can take a serious toll on your finances, especially if you’re stuck with high rates that cannot be changed.

It is possible to get lower mortgage rates, but it may take a little effort on your end before the bank agrees to any changes.

An Improved Credit Score

It seems like home mortgages have a direct correlation with a high credit score, which should be one of the main focuses during your journey for a lower mortgage. Try to pay off any bills that you can or any debt that is weighing your score down. This will have a significant impact on what kind of lower rates will be available for you.

Keep Your Job

Lenders aren’t going to offer low rates to individuals who switch jobs frequently. They want to know that the person who is paying them is going to be able to pay them until the debt is gone. A long-term job shows that you are responsible enough and concerned about getting your debt paid immediately.

Compare Mortgage Rates

Don’t settle with the first lender who offers you rates that you think are okay. There are many websites available online that will help you compare rates among different lenders after filling out a few boxes of information.

Finding great rates on mortgages will not only benefit you financially in the long run, but you’ll feel better about your mortgage all around.